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About us

„We invite people with our brands
to make a conscious choice about their personal, beauty and home care products”

Our foundation is built upon tremendous commitment to natural and organic products.
The principles and conviction of founder Csilla Ficsór is engrained into Presto-Pilot’s ethos and continues to inspire our work. The combination of her multinational expertise, awareness of local trends and entrepreneurial knowledge is the cornerstone to future evolution that every 21st century business needs to succeed.

Because of our dedication to these principles, Presto-Pilot Ltd. is a two-time Business Superbrands winner while our leading brands have been honored by the Superbrand award three times.

100% growth in 3 years. Not by chance.

Every living creature grows, flourishes, thrives. As a leading player in the natural cosmetics industry in Hungary, Presto-Pilot has a 13 years experience in the import and the wholesale trade of organic products as an exclusive distributor. Our presence is dominant in every retail channel covering the organic trade (e.g drogeries, hypemarkets, wholesalers, pharmacies, webshops).

We believe that clean choices are rewarded with beauty and health. This is why we provide full professional support and absolute personal commitment to the distribution of our brands.

In order to accommodate our partners needs, we have our own distribution system with KAM and sales representatives, a 2000 square meter storage space, ISO 9001 qualification, a conference room, our own show-room and a B2B webshop.

Our goal is to give full professional support to our partners in the field  of

•    sales,
•    product training,
•    brand building,
•    integrated marketing,
•    promotion and POS activities,
•    customer service,
•     and logistics.

We invite you to become our partner in this misson…
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